People think those of us who grill outside in the winter to be crazy.  Well, I can remember a few evenings in early May when it’s been almost as cold!  You don’t have to mothball the grill just because it’s cold outside.  The food tastes just as good, maybe even better, and hey, standing in front of a hot grill takes the chill off a cold day, or night!

Here are some pointers to stay warm and get great results for winter grilling. First, dress appropriately, in layers and don’t forget the hat. Most of your heat loss comes from your head, so unless you’re planning on keeping it close to the grill (not recommended) keep it covered.  Next, grilling in winter takes a bit more time. Your grill will take longer to get warmed up and that can add about 25% more time to the cooking process.  So, make sure you have enough propane or charcoal on hand before you start, because running out midway through can be a pain.  Finally, enjoy the peace and quiet of winter serenity.  Odds are there’s not a lot going on outside, maybe a squirrel fight or an occasional deer sighting.  It’s just like ice fishing, they’re even better when you get them in cold weather.  There is nothing like a brat right off the grill and it just seems tastier in January!

If you’re not a fan of the cold, well, there are some great soup recipes in the Usinger cookbook and on our website.

Quit chillin’ start grillin’.




  1. Thanks, Fritz! Great information! I’m in Colorado, and there are many fairy mild and tolerable days during the winter months, so I try to take advantage of those days. I have a grill which the hose hooks directly to the nozzle coming from the house. This is “unlimited” natural gas, so the chances of running out during grilling is extremely low, unless I forget to pay the gas bill! I do have a hard time finding your product in the Denver area, though, which is rather disheartening. I may need to purchase 6 pounds worth of your deli product, and have a party.

    I am a big fan of most of your summer sausages, as I treat myself during the Christmas holiday to purchase myself a box. My son in law is also a big fan, and he gave me a chub of your liver sausage. YUM! I need to take it out of the freezer to thaw and run to the store for crackers. My mom would spread the liver sausage on toast and top it with onions for a tasty morning breakfast. I decided to try that once, with minimal onion, and a slice of american cheese. I was hooked!

    Well, thanks for letting me make a rather lengthy comment. Keep the products coming!!!

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