Spring Shipping Savings!

Spring is straight ahead. That means gatherings of family and friends for Easter celebrations. Count on Usinger’s for unique treats for your guests. Our Apple Wood Smoked Pit Ham has a one of a kind “camp fire” smoky aroma and taste.  These hams are smoked in our two story brick pit smokehouses over smoldering apple wood embers. Because this ham is boneless, they are easily carved with no waste. Another Easter season favorite is our Fresh Kielbasa. Made the traditional way with coarsely ground select cuts of pork, old world herbs & spices and lots of fresh garlic. Yes, only fresh garlic!


March also mean it’s time for Usinger’s  “$9.99” shipping sale on your deli favorites ! Watch your mailboxes and your inboxes for all the details. For a limited time we are offering a $9.99 shipping rate to most states on orders up to 20 pounds. This offer starts on March 21st, just enter the coupon code “spring16” when you checkout. Sorry, this offer does not apply to gift boxes or FedEx shipping. So, whether you’re planning an Easter celebration or an Opening Day tailgate party, now is the time to stock up.


Enjoy and Happy Easter!


6 Replies to “Spring Shipping Savings!”

  1. Thanks Fritz,
    You always have great suggestions.
    And of course, the best meats.
    As a former employee I still prefer
    Usingers over any thing else.

    Best of health to you and family,
    and many more years of great food.

  2. I live in Florida – will this shipping discount apply

    I normally receive by FedEx

    Can I use Amazon Prime to help with shipping?

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