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  1. I’ve lived in Colorado since I was 10 (I’m now 75) but Usingers has always been a part of my life. Sometime in the 1930’s my father, Carl Reichhardt, worked for George Ludwig, a blacksmith and metal craftsman. He (my dad) made several copper pots that had plants in them in were set on the rim around what I remember as two posts in the retail store. My grandfather, Fred (Fritz) Nast had offices right near Usingers and as a very small child I remember coming into your store to buy sausage – and then down the street for German rye – and somewhere near for beer case cheese. Oh the summer and liver sausage – but the best was and always has been the weiners – I still buy them by the 6# box and have them shipped. What a treat!
    A little story: my grandparents would visit us in Colorado when my boys were small. Grandpa always remembered bringing a hunk of the big mortadela – and loved it when one of the boys said “Grandpa this sure is good bologna!”
    Thanks for being always a part of my life –
    Margaret Stockover

  2. Hello Ms. Stockover:
    Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are glad to be a part of the memories that you and your family cherish. The copper pots your father made remain in our historic store today. On behalf of Usigner’s we would like to thank you for your loyal patronage through out the years and look forward to serving you for many more.
    Brenda @ Usinger’s Famous Sausage

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