Advanced Grilling Tips — From Fritz

Follow these easy tips to become the Grilling Guru of your neighborhood this summer.

When preparing sausages on the grill follow these steps to earn expert status and avoid incinerating your sausage links.

The links you will be grilling should come from the refrigerator, not rock hard directly from the freezer. All sausage should be thawed in the refrigerator prior to use.

The grill. Gas or coals, the plan is the same.  Low and slow to avoid temperature shock to the links because they will split and lots of the flavorful juices from inside the sausage will be lost. Use the grill cover to keep in the heat during the beginning.

For a gas grill, warm it up on high, then just before placing the links on the grill turn the heat to low. Start the sausages on low and every few minutes turn the links and increase the heat just a little bit. Follow this sequence for about 10 minutes. Then the next 5 minutes is where the real cooking begins and you need to baby that sausage. Bring the heat up to high, you want to brown the link and “crisp up” the outside casing and cook the link to the center.

Charcoal grill. The coals need to be completely white, then you can start. Spread the coals out. Start the links on the outer perimeter where there is less heat. Turn the links often and gradually move them to the center of the grill. Follow this sequence for about 10 minutes. The center of the grill should be the hottest and this is where “crisp up” happens during the next five minutes until the sausages are cooked through.

Once the links are well browned, you hear them hissing and sizzling they are ready to enjoy.

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  1. I want to order brats and sausage. I really do. Why is shipping so darn expensive to Austin TX?

    1. Sorry it took awhile to get back to you, your message got lost in the server somewhere. To answer your question, perishable meat products are among the most expensive to ship, especially in the warmer months. A couple of times a year we offer special deli discounts, if you sign up for the newsletter/email list, we will alert you to when those events are happening. Otherwise, around the Christmas holiday is always a good time to get better shipping as the volume going out is so much higher.

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