2 Replies to ““I Remember” with Fritz Usinger”

  1. If you are visiting Milwaukee, it’s not a true visit until you stopping at Usinger’s. When I leave to come home to Des moines,Iowa—– my car is overflowing with all the wonderful,superb sausage I can handle.
    I am now 75 years old and I come and visit the store every time I an in town. It is pure joy to look at and buy all the goodies. I was born and raised in Milwaukee until I joined the Navy. I can say that there is no place like Usinger”s in all the world. It is home.

  2. My father orders Usingers every year at Christmas for himself and all my family. From his children to his grand children. We each get our own personalized for our tastes and likes. This is a tradition for as long as I can remember. We have heard stories about Usinger and his trips there as a child with his mother many times over the years. My father is 87 and in failing health and one of the things on his “bucket list” was to order some Usingers so he can have braunschweiger / mayo sandwiches. Thanks for the memories!!!!

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