Try it, You’ll Like It!

Try something a little different on your grill this summer.  A Usinger Smoked Brat with Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno Peppers. This is one of my grilling favorites. To create this awesome link, we started with a Usinger Smoked Brat mix, then added apple wood smoked bacon bits for a campfire taste, Cheddar Cheese for flavor and pieces of Jalapeno Peppers for good measure. We packed them all in a natural casing and then hardwood smoked them. This is the complete sausage, no condiments needed, well maybe a great sausage roll.  But seriously, you’ll want to enjoy all of the great flavors so don’t cover them up with a bunch of add-ons.

These sausages are fully cooked, so you just need to grill them over medium heat to warm them completely through to get the cheese melted and the outside skin crispy.  Try not to crack the casings because you won’t want to lose any of the flavor.


Enjoy !


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